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Net pots

For pond and aquarium pots, it’s crucial that they sink. This is mostly done by putting a stone into the pot. This is labor intensive, time consuming, and expensive, hence Copots found a perfect solution to this.

We have heavy material, which we can mix with our plastic. Because now the plastic itself is heavy, you get a weighted net pot, that sinks without a stone. The ideal pot for every aquatic plant grower. Are you also tired of putting little stones into your net pots? Don’t wait any longer and contact us to explore the advantages of a weighted net pot.

Save by less labor, save by less purchasing

mandpotten verzwaarde mandpotAt the moment we have a 5,5/6cm and a 7cm weighted net pot in our assortment. We can increase the weight of the net pot up to three times the weight of a standard net pot. Do not hesitate to ask for the pot size you need, we can make sure it gets weighted and thus sinks.

Do you prefer a net pot for normal usage? We have those in our program as well.

pot diameter hoogte inhoud pallet doos
Heavy Net pot* 5,5 5,0 0,066L  67.725  1.935
FK7 8,0 6,5 0,19L  35.000  1.750
FK6 6,2 5,3 0,003L  91.800  4.590
FKZ7 8,0 6,5 0,19L    
*Can also be delivered standard weight


mandpotten salata      mandpotten salata1      mandpotten salata6


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You don’t have time to sort out which pots you need? Tell us what you need, and we will look for you. We will check our assortment and see which pots fit your needs and what other possibilities there are. This way you have a clear overview, and you only have to look at the special selection we made for you.